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How To Solve Advanced Challenge: Sliver Infestation in Magic 2014

How To Solve The Sliver Infestation Advanced Challenge In Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers

Sliver Infestation
Can you sneak past an overwhelming force and assassinate your opponent?  You must win by the end of your turn.
For this advanced challenge in Magic 2014: DotP we need to do at least 14 points of damage to our opponent, yet we only have a single 6/6 creature in play, the Tidal Kraken.  We need some way to do at least 14 points of damage and the solution is still hidden within the deck library.  Here's how you win the Sliver Infestation advanced challenge.

Sliver Infestation Advanced Challenge Solution

  1. Cast both Virulent Slivers from out of your hand.
  2. Cast Crib Swap and exile the opponent's lone flying defender, Darksteel Gargoyle.
  3. Cast Brainstorm, the Protean Hulk is what we are after, so put 2 other cards back from the Brainstorm and make sure to keep the Protean Hulk.
  4. Use the remaining 4 mana to activate the Quicksilver Amulet and put the Protean Hulk into play.
  5. Activate the top ability of the Culling Dias artifact to sacrifice the Protean Hulk.
  6. This trigger's the Protean Hulks ability to place more creatures into play, choose the Predator Dragon.
  7. When the Predator Dragon enters the battlefield, use the Devour option to devour both Virulent Slivers to make the Predator Dragon an 8/8 Flyer with Haste.
  8. Attack with both the Predator Dragon and the Tidal Kraken (who is unblockable).
  9. Deal the 14 damage to kill opponent and win the advanced challenge.
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  1. Thanks for the help with this challenge. I have been stuck on this one for a while now. Really helped a lot

  2. I figured out a way to do it when I saw Netherborn Phalanx, but I had to restart a few times so I could get lucky enough to draw him again. I slivercycled Homing Sliver to get Blades of Velis Vel, this shuffles the deck, so when I used Culling Dias and Brainstorm to get more cards they were different every hand. I made sure to keep one Mountain card and I kept trying until I got another land card and Netherborn Phalanx. Added the extra land I needed and used Quicksilver Amulet to play Netherborn Phalanx which does 6 damage leaving them with 8 life left and played Blades of Velis Vel on Tidal Kraken to give it 8. Kraken attacked and I won. Your way is much more reliable, but I thought this was kind of cool.

  3. Cheers the last one I had no idea what was going on :)

  4. I was at it for an hour. I thought I was suppose to kill the person with poison counters. I got really close. I too was trying to get the lucky draw like Jacob but screwed it up with the mountain when I finally got the chance. Either way thanks for the post it made getting the trophy that much easier.

  5. You can do it with poison as well. Changes you have to make:

    1.Don't use cribswap
    2.When using brainstorm make sure to hold onto the card that taps 3 non-flying creatures
    3.When you sac protean hulk choose 2 virulent slivers, the 2 cost sliver that gives haste, and another 2 cost sliver.
    4.Use the card that taps three creatures.
    5.Attack with all 6 of your slivers on the board, three will get through and since each has poison 4 it will be enough to win.


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