Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Magic 2014 Advanced Challenges: Sliver Strike Team Solution

How To Solve The Sliver Strike Team Advanced Challenge In Magic 2014

I have already covered How To Beat The 5 Initial Challenges In Magic 2014, but the Advanced Challenges are a little more complicated so I will be dedicating a single post to each solution for solving the advanced challenges.

Sliver Strike Team Solution

"Your opponent is still strong behind a wall of creatures with first strike.  Find a way to defeat your opponent with your army of slivers."

First problem here is the 3 creatures the opponent controls that all have First Strike.  Without First Strike ability of our own the opponent would be able to pick and choose which creatures to block and First Strike, which could result in some of our slivers dying before they even deal combat damage.  This is a compounding problem as each of our slivers give advantages to other slivers.  Therefore, any slivers that die during the First Strike phase of damage dealing result in nerfing the remaining slivers as the buffs provided by the dead slivers are removed prior to the damage dealing of the remaining slivers, which would be even weaker than before the combat started.

So the solution to the challenge Sliver Strike Team requires that we have first strike on our slivers.  Even better, let's go for the sliver with Double Strike!

  1. Cast Predatory Sliver (Our Slivers get +1/+1)
  2. Cast Bonescythe Sliver (Our Slivers get Double Strike)
  3. Our Slivers already get Haste from the Slivers in play, so attack with all Slivers to kill off the opponent.
Combined with the number of attackers and their Double Strike abilities, we will have plenty of damage to kill off the opponent and solve this Advanced Challenge.

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