Friday, July 19, 2013

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Quit Your MtG Match Early

You Shouldn't Be Quitting Your MtG Match Early!

One of my biggest gripes when playing Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers is that many players rage quit when they think they have already lost.  When your opponent quits the duel, you are forced to play against the AI opponent in order to get the win for the match.  That's not so much of a big deal, except I'd rather you tough it out so we can play again!  Especially since in Magic 2014 DotP, you only play single game matches, when historically Magic the Gathering is played in Best of 3 Matches.  Anyone can win a single game with the right hand or favorable conditions, but winning 2 out of 3 is a little more challenging and is a more reliable gauge of judging how your deck performs.  Granted there is no sideboard allowed in Magic 2014 DotP like in tabletop Magic, but 2 out of 3 matches stills seem much better in my opinion.  I wish they would implement not only Best of 3 Matches, but also put sideboarding back into the game.

Back on topic:

Why You Shouldn't Quit Your Match Early Even When You Think You've Lost

Here are some great reasons why would should always play each and every one of your matches out to the games end.

  1. Sometimes the AI computer player actually pulls out the win! - Happens more often than you'd think.  Sometimes players quit too soon.  If the computer AI can pull a win out of the match you thought was unwinnable, odds are you aren't even a good judge at knowing win the match is truly lost beyond all control.
  2. Top Decking - Sometimes the match looks bleek and unwinnable, but then you draw something off the top of your deck that can save you from utter defeat.  If you've already rage quit, those top deck draws aren't going to help you.  I've seen white decks that quit thinking all is lost, then the turn after they quit, the AI player draws and plays Wrath of God or some other massive creature removal and turns the tide of the match entirely.  Even being down to 1 life isn't reason enough to quit since sometimes you can pull something that will change the entire game completely.
  3. Crunch Time Is Learning Time - Instead of bailing on the game when you think you have lost, you should stay in the game and fight to the end because those are some of the best times to learn.  Being pushed against the wall and desperate means you have to start thinking more critically and try to piece some tactics together to either prevent dying or start figuring out how to even the battlefield.  It's in these sessions that you think all is lost, then miraculously come up with a way to counter the opponents threat that you can learn new tactics and try new tricks and combos.  When you are near death and actually push through until the end and happen to full victory out of nowhere that you can experience some of the most fun and rewarding moments of the Magic the Gathering game.  If you quit early, you are already a loser with absolutely no chance to learn or win.
  4. Scope The Opponents Deck - Even if you can't pull out a miraculous recovery or steal back a victory from your MtG opponent, you can still gather some valuable information that will help you in your next match against the same deck.  This is very important in all formats of the game.  Playing until the final point of life is gone, instead of rage quitting, will allow you to see even more of the opponents deck.  You can learn about specific cards that are in the opponent's Magic deck and knowing more of what the opponent could possible do or play in the next match is always an advantage - an advantage you would not have, if you just rage quit.  Being able to see more cards within their deck is even more important in a Limited environment when the odds of being able to predict what an opponent is playing in their deck go way down.  

So the first step to becoming a better player is testing your limits.  Stop rage quitting when you think the game is lost and focus in and try to learn just how you can pull a win out of your ass.  You will feel more accomplished pulling a win out of a game you thought was completely lost, you might learn something new, and at the very least you will gather more information about your opponent's play-style and what cards are in their deck.  

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