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Magic 2014 How to Solve All 5 Initial Challenges

How To Solve The 5 Initial Challenges In Magic 2014 Duels Of The Planeswalkers

Here are the step-by-step guides to solving each of the 5 Initial Challenges in the Magic 2014 single player game.  I must admit.  These challenges are far easier in Magic 2014 than the challenges that were used in Magic 2013.  

Magic 2014 Initial Challenge #1 - Command The Dead

"Your Grave Titan has assembled a monstrous army.  Use it to crush your opponent."
  1. Cast Lightning Blast to kill one Runeclaw Bear.  (Make sure to leave 1 Forest untapped)
  2. Attack with all 3 of your creatures.
  3. After blockers are declared, cast Titanic Growth on your unblocked Zombie to make it 6/6, which will kill the opponent.
Magic 2014 Command The Dead Challenge Help

Magic 2014 Initial Challenge #2 - Gird For War

"Your opponent has poweful defenses.  Use your equipment to win this turn."
  1. Cast all 3 of the cheapest Artifact-Equipment cards; Golem-Skin Gauntlets, Trusty Machete, & O-Naginata.
  2. Attach all 3 Artifact-Equipments to a single Silvercoat Lion, which will make him 10/3 with Trample.
  3. Attack with all 4 Silvercoat Lions.  There will be enough Trample damage to spill over and kill the opponent for the win.
Magic 2014 Gird For War Challenge Help

Magic 2014 Initial Challenge #3 - Battle Tactics

"Your opponent has put you on the ropes with an angelic host!  Find a way to win this turn"
  1. Attack with all 3 of your creatures.
  2. After blockers are assigned, cast Might of Oaks on whichever creature does not get assigned a blocker.  This will give the creature +7/+7, enough to kill the opponent.
Magic 2014 Battle Tactics Challenge Help

Magic 2014 Initial Challenge #4 - Blood Is Life

"You are being attacked!  Survive this turn, then counterattack the enemy."
  1. When the opponent attacks, block each one of the attacking creatures with one of your creatures.  It doesn't matter which creature the Child of the Night and Markov Patrician block, just make sure they each block one attacker so that both attackers are blocked.  Even though the Wurm has Trample damage, both of your blocking creatures have Lifelink, which will heal you enough damage to survive the attack.  Both your blockers will die, but that doesn't matter.
  2. Attack the opponent with your remaining Gloomhunter to finish her off for the win.
Magic 2014 Blood Is Life Challenge Help

Magic 2014 Initial Challenge #5 - Defeat The Troll

"You've almost defeated your opponent, but Cudgel Troll stands in the way of victory!  Find a way to win this turn"
  1. Cast Doom Blade on the opponent's Cudgel Troll.  This will destroy the Troll, but the opponent can use Regenerate to save it from destruction.  When you Regenerate a creature, it is forced to tap, which leaves no blockers to for the opponent to defend.
  2. Attack with your creature for the win.
Magic 2014 Defeat The Troll Challenge Help

I hope these help you solve any of the Magic 2014 Challenges that you may have been stuck on.
Stay tuned for the solutions to the Magic 2014 Advanced Challenges.

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