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Magic 2014 Advanced Challenge: "Go Berserk" & "Heavy Hitter" Achievement

Magic 2014 Advanced Challenge
How To Solve "Go Berserk" &
How To Get the "Heavy Hitter" Achievement

Complete Heavy Hitter in Magic 2014
Get Heavy Hitter Achievement

The Advanced Challenge "Go Berserk" is one that also has an achievement linked to it as well.  So when you solve the "Go Berserk" advanced challenge, you might as well go ahead and complete the "Heavy Hitter" achievement as well.  The "Heavy Hitter" achievement requires you to do over 200 damage during the "Go Berserk" Challenge.  Here is my solution for both the advanced challenge and the achievement in Magic 2014.

Go Berserk

"You're ready to take your opponent out, and you want to do it in style.  Deal as much damage as you can this turn!"

Heavy Hitter

"Deal over 200 damage in the "Go Berserk" challenge."

The key to completing the Go Berserk advanced challenge is buffing up you main attacker then hitting it with Berserk to double it's attack power.  The opponent will tap all the creatures he can, so you also need a way to untap the big guy.  Instill Energy and the Quirion Ranger will do the trick.  Let's see how it's done.

Tutorial for Go Berserk in Magic 2014
How To Solve "Go Berserk"

Solving Go Berserk and Doing Over 200 Damage For Heavy Hitter

  1. Cast the Quirion Ranger
  2. Lay the Forest
  3. Cast Mossbridge Troll
  4. Cast Instill Energy on the Mossbridge Troll
  5. Cast Khalni Hydra (free casting cost at this point)
  6. Declare your attack.
  7. As the opponent taps each creature, you react by tapping that creature yourself as part of activating the Mossbridge Troll buffing ability.
  8. He will try to tap the 25/25 Primal Crux first, when he declare it as going to be tapped, you use the Troll's ability in response and tap it first to buff your troll.
  9. Next he will try to tap the troll.  Just let him and leave it tapped for now.
  10. Next he will try to tap the Khalni Hydra, again tap it along with the Heedless one to buff the Mossbridge Troll again.
  11. Next Buff the Mossbridge Troll again by tapping the Drove of Elves.
  12. Buff him again by tapping the Dungrove Elder.
  13. And yet again by tapping Multani, Maro-Sorcerer & Baloth Woodcrasher.
  14. Now use the Quirion Ranger's ability to untap the Mossbridge Troll by returning a forest to your hand.
  15. The opponent will use his last Trip Noose to retap your Mossbridge Troll.
  16. Untap him with the Instill Energy ability before the attack starts.
  17. Then buff the Mossbridge Troll by casting Berserk on it to make the Troll 210/105 and you will beat the objective and do over 200 damage and claim the Heave Hitter achievement.
This finishes up the series on completing all 5 of the advanced challenges and I've already covered how to solve the 5 initial challenges in Magic 2014.

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  1. I don't really get this. The mossbridge troll can only tap creatures with strength greater than 10, but 3-4 of the creatures you mentioned tapping are below 10 in strength. Am I misreading something?

    1. Mossbridge Troll allows you to tap any number of creatures with a TOTAL strength greater than 10, so you can tap multiples to get over the 10 for each buff.

    2. Ah, thanks. I knew there was something I was missing.

  2. Don't forget to use Quirion Ranger's ability to untap one of your 10+ power creatures and activate Mossbridge Troll's ability one last time. Doing this I made the attacking Mossbridge Troll 250/125.


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