Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How To Solve "Riddle of Steel" Expansion Challenge for MtG2014 DotP

How To Solve The Riddle of Steel Expansion Challenge

This one was a bit tricky to figure out as my first time completing this new expansion challenge, I was able to win by drawing an extra Equipment card that I could still cast and that extra piece put me over the top to deal the killing blow.  I was since unable to repeat that same winning strategy, since it relied on a luck draw.  I've since figured out a method that works every time that isn't effected by the random card draws.

Here's the solution for Riddle of Steel.

"Your opponent still has plenty of life, but if you use the right Equipment you can deal the killing blow."
Expansion Challenges Solutions - Riddle of Steel
Riddle of Steel Solution

Riddle of Steel Solution:

  1. Cast Puresteel Paladin - We will need his Metalcraft bonus to solve this expansion challenge.
  2. Cast Stoneforge Mystic, search for the Equipment card: Sword of Vengeance.
  3. Use Stonechewer Gaint's special ability and choose Loxodon Warhammer, Attach it to Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer, Draw Card.
  4. Cast Sword of Vengenance, Draw Card
  5. Cast Kite Shield, Draw Card
  6. Lay a Plains card (that you drew).
  7. Cast Auriok Survivors (leave at least a Plains untapped), Choose Hedron Matrix, Attach it to the Auriok Survivors, Draw Card.
  8. Now have 3 Equipment out so we can attach them for free with the Puresteel Paladin's Metalcraft effect.
  9. Equip Sword of Vengeance to the Stoneforge Mystic (to give it Haste).
  10. Use the Stoneforge Mystic special ability to place the Argentum Armor from your hand to the battlefield. Draw Card.
  11. Equip Sword of Vengeance onto Auriok Survivors (moving it off of Stoneforge Mystic).
  12. Equip Argentum Armor onto Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer.
  13. Attack with Jor Kadeen and Auriok Survivors, Choose to destroy one of the opponents blockers and your trample damage will be enough to complete the Riddle of Steel Expansion Challenge for Magic 2014 DotP.

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  1. Mine was similar but I also made use of Stonehewer Giant's ability during the attack. For all mana I chose as many Mountains as possible. Assume all appropriate card draws.
    1) Puresteel Paladin
    2) Cast Kite Shield & Golem-Skin Gauntlets.
    3) Cast Plains that I drew.
    4) Cast Stoneforge Mystic. Search library for Swiftfoot Boots.
    5) Cast Swiftfoot Boots.
    6) Equip (0) Swiftfoot Boots to Stoneforge Mystic
    7) Use Stoneforge Mystic to play Argentum Armor.
    8) Cast Auriok Survivors, choose Konda's Banner, do not attach.
    9) Equip (0) Sword of Vengeance to Auriok Survivors.
    10) Equip (0) all of Konda's Banner, Argentum Armor, Golem-Skin Gauntlets, Kite Shield to Jor Kadeen.
    11) Attack with all of Jor Kadeen, Auriok Survivors, and Stonehewer Giant.
    12) Use the triggered ability to destroy one of the opponent's 2/2 tokens.
    13) Immediately after the attack is declared, activate Stonehewer Giant's ability (possible because Vigilance leaves it untapped). Choose Loxodon Warhammer, attach it to Jor Kadeen.

    Result: Jor Kadeen is 24/15 w/trample, Auriok Survivors is 9/8, Stonehewer Giant is 9/4. Opponent blocks either Auriok or Stonehewer, takes 24+9=33 damage.

    1. How did you get Sword of Vengeance and how did you play it? I managed to draw it by luck once but was short one mana. I think I'll try the other way because I'm stumped with yours.


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