Monday, August 5, 2013

Magic 2014 Advanced Challenge - Get A Grip Solution

How To Beat The Advanced Challenge
"Get A Grip" in Magic 2014

The Get A Grip Advanced Challenge in 2014 is actually pretty simple and in my opinion it shouldn't even be considered an advanced challenge.  It's that simple, but here's the solution for this MAgic 2014 advanced challenge if you are stumped.

Get A Grip

"Between a squad of giants and a pesky Pacifism, your opponent is making your life difficult.  Find a way to win this turn."
  1. Cast Stave Off on your Vulshok Refugee and choose Protection From White.  This will remove the Pacifism enchantment from the Vulshok Refugee so the Refugee now has both Protection From Red & White.
  2. Cast Pyroclasm to kill off the artifact creatures that can still block your Refugee.  Your Vulshok Refugee survives because he takes no damage from red sources.
  3. Attack with the Vulshok Refugee to kill opponent and finish the Get A Grip advanced challenge.  The Bonebreaker Giants are unable to block the Vulshok Refugee because of the Protection For Red.
How To Beat Get A Grip Advanced challenge
Protection is the key to winning Get A Grip
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