Saturday, September 21, 2013

Magic 2014 Challenge: How To Solve "Unleash the Beast"

Magic 2014 DotP Expansion Challenges
How To Solve the "Unleash the Beast" Challenge

The newest expansion for Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers is now out for all formats.  So I will walk you through each of the new expansion challenges just like I detailed How To Solve the First 10 Magic DotP Challenges here at Magic the Gathering Helper.

Magic 2014 DotP Unleash the Beast Solution Cheats
Unleash the Beast Solution

How To Solve The Unleash the Beast Expansion Challenge

  1. Cast Earthquake for 2 damage, which will kill all but 1 of his creatures and do extra damage thanks to the Coalhauler Swine's effect.  (Make sure to leave an Island untapped.)
  2. Attack with your Coalhauler Swine.
  3. After the opponent is forced to block the Coalhauler Swine (because of the Lure enchantment) with his Nemesis of Reason, Cast Twisted Image on the Nemesis of Reason.  This will make the Nemesis of Reason a 7/3 creature that has taken 2 damage already.
  4. The resolving damage effects will be enough to kill your opponent and solve this new expansion challenge.

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