Friday, July 12, 2013

What Is Magic The Gathering Helper?

What Is Magic The Gathering Helper?

Magic the Gathering Helper is a new blog I am starting to discuss strategy, tips, & tricks for Magic the Gathering.  This blog will mainly be geared to focus on the Magic 2013 / Magic 2014 Duels of the Planeswalkers games (Magic for iPad and other tablets).  I have a friend just starting to play who is need of help learning the game, so I decided to put my tips and tricks into written form here on the blog.  By posting my Magic the Gathering tips and tricks and training tutorials online, I can help reach more players who are wanting to learn more about improving how they play Magic the Gathering.  Even though I will be focusing on the tablet versions of MtG, these tips and tricks can carry over into playing the tabletop version of Magic as well.

Who Am I?

I go by the name Cold, which is actually a shortened version of my main character in World of Warcraft and the name behind my World of Warcraft site, Cold's Gold Factory.  Over on Cold's Gold Factory, I write about making gold (the in-game currency) in World of Warcraft, have a successful column on Gifts For Gamers, and I also co-host for our successful and very controversial Warcraft podcast, Eviscerated Gaming.

As far as Magic the Gathering goes, I've had a lot of experience with the game.  I think I bought my first Magic the Gathering cards all the way back when The Dark expansion had just released and I played pretty hardcore as a tournament player until around the Mirage expansion block ended.  During this time I played in many tournaments, including many as part of the traveling Team Lubbock while I was in grad school at Texas Tech.  Back when they had the original format for player rankings and tournament scoring I was ranked as high as 17th in the World in Type I, which was the old school version of Magic the Gathering.

I got out of the game for a long time and sold all of my paper MtG cards, but have had some fun with MTGO (Magic the Gathering Online) as well as Magic 2013 on iPad.  I've picked up the newewst iOs version of Magic 2014 and am happy with the changes to the game.  The addition of the Sealed Deck play is a great addition and helps to allow for more variety in play decks as well as in what you see an opponent playing.

So I will start getting posts up on tactics, tips, tricks, and how to be a better Magic the Gathering player very soon.

Stay Tuned Planeswalkers!


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  1. Im glad that you have started this blog. My 10 year old son is wanting to learn how to play. I have some older cards with a few premade decks. It will be an insight for me and him. Cant wait for the first article to be posted

  2. Yay! can't wait to read more - I'm just starting to play myself so anything & everything will be useful at this stage! lol


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