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How To Solve Mountain Assault Magic 2014 Expansion Challenge

Magic 2014 DotP Expansion Challenges
How To Solve the Mountain Assault Challenge

The newest expansion for Magic the Gathering Duels of the Planeswalkers is now out for all formats.  So I will walk you through each of the new expansion challenges just like I detailed How To Solve the First 10 Magic DotP Challenges here at Magic the Gathering Helper.

Magic 2014 Expansion Mountain Assault Solution
Mountain Assault Challenge Solution

How To Solve "Mountain Assault"

Your opponent may have a Hydra, but you have brains!  Find a way to take down your enemy."
The key to solving the "Mountain Assualt" Challenge lies with the title of this expansion challenge.  Starting with only a single Goblin Mountaineer in play, we muct find a way to rid our opponent of his last remaining 2 life points.  The Goblin Mountaineer has Mountiainwalk, which will be the key to our victory, even though our opponent currently controls no Mountains.  Let's see how to win this expansion challenge.

  1. Cast Blood Moon - Make sure to tap the 3 Mountains to cast the Blood Moon ( you will need an untapped Forest and Island later..  Blood Moon turns all nonbasic lands into Mountains.  Since our opponent has 2 nonbasic lands, those will become Mountains, which helps our little Mountainwalking friend attack as unblockable.
  2. Attack With the Goblin Mountaineer.  He has Mountainwalk and the Blood Moon has turned the opponents lands into Mountains so the Goblin Mountaineer cannot be blocked.
  3. Pause the Game After Blockers Are Declared.  Wait until the blockers are declared (or not in this case) and pause the game BEFORE you get to the damage dealing phase.
  4. Before damage is dealt, Cast Cytoshape.  (This is why we needed to leave an Island and a Forest open.)  Target the Goblin Mountaineer as the benefit of the switch and have him switch into the Kird Ape the opponent controls.  This will turn the Goblin Mountaineer into a 2/3 Kird Ape since we control a Forest.  The 2/3 Kird Ape will kill the enemy and complete the objective.  (We can't target the Hydra because our creature will have no counters and will just die.)

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