Sunday, August 18, 2013

My Top Sealed Deck in Magic 2014 - Black Green Control Beast Beatdown

"What Sealed Deck Do You Run In Magic 2014?"

I had a buddy ask me what my top sealed deck looks like in Magic 2014.  I've taken the opportunity to list the cards that I'm currently using in my best performing Sealed Deck (I'm currently ranked in the Top 60 players) in this post here at Magic the Gathering Helper.  Sealed Deck format is one of my favorite formats for Magic the Gathering because it is more of a true test of your playing ability.  Sure there is some luck involved because of the randomness of what cards are available in your sealed pool to build your deck, but that is only part of the equation.  You must also be a proficient deck builder who is able to identify what cards and color combinations to use in the deck as well as understand what land ratios and amounts to use within the sealed deck.  Then you have to play the deck well.  Many times in a Sealed Deck match you will be tested with using cards you normally wouldn't use and you have to get very creative and use cards in combinations and ways you normally hadn't even thought of using them.  That is what makes sealed deck matches so fun and unpredictable.  You never know what to expect!


  • 1 Terramorphic Expanse - Fetch land
  • 7 Swamps
  • 9 Forests
  • 1 Deadly Recluse - Deathtouch
  • 1 Giant Scorpion - Deathtouch
  • 2 Dungrove Elder - Hexproof
  • 2 Advocate of the Beast - Beast Buffers
  • 1 Briarpack Alpha - Surprise
  • 2 Rumbling Baloth - (Beasts)
  • 1 Sengir Vampire
  • 1 Silklash Spider - Kills flying creatures
  • 2 Garruk's Packleader - Draw cards (Beasts)
Creature Removal
  • 3 Murder - Kill Any
  • 1 Assassinate - Kill Tapped
  • 2 Hunt the Weak - Buff & Kill
  • 1 Plummet - Kill Flyer
  • 1 Giant Growth - +3/+3 Instant
  • 1 Might of Oaks - +7/+7 Instant
  • 1 Rampant Growth - Land Fetcher

The combination of 7 Creature removal spells, 2 Creatures with Deathtouch, 2 creature buffing instants, the flash wolf, and the Silklash Spider that clears the skies of flyers is a pretty nice combination of cards that help me to control the battlefield.  I establish control while waiting to bring out the heavy hitting beasts and the Dungrove Elders.  The beasts can get really nasty really fast with the buffing action of the Advocates and the Dungrove Elders' Hexproof is protection against opponents creature removal.

With the right draw I can end the game rather early and if not, I have plenty of control to turn the tide in my favor with instant tricks and versatile creatures.

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